The bar is closed? ¡No me gusta!

Everyone, raise a glass this morning, preferably one of some sort of tequila in honor of Mexico’s oldest cantina. The dive is now closed after 150 years in business.

El Nivel was proud to serve presidents and commoners alike. It opened in 1855 and had the first cantina license, but now the doors are locked and no more cervesas will be served. Why? No surprise here, because the educated elitists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Yes, NAUM won a 17-year legal battle with the drinking establishment and now it is closed.

This is a clear example of how educators are ruining everything. Not only are they bent on taking away historic places they should be teaching about, they are also closing fun places to booze. One would thing teachers would understand better, if this blog had to teach young adults day in and day out, you would find this blog drinking heavily, probably at El Nivel.

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