Eat My Sports: Draft busts

It is way too early to speculate who came out a winner in this weekend’s NFL Draft in New York. If the draft has shown anything over the years, it is that the draft is an inaccurate science in which the true results are not shown til months, possibly years later.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to go over the top 5 draft busts of all-time in the NFL, and don’t worry Michael Irvin, this is a work-based bust, not drug bust. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Draft busts

Kidz Korner: Economics of supply, demand

The earlier you start posing online, the sooner you will be worth millions naked!Hey, kidz! After seeing Miley Cyrus’ risqué photo-shoot, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get in on that action?” First of all, shame on you for talking like a bookie: you were raised better than that. Second, you can’t expect to make millions of dollars on your first foray into child pornography fame and fortune, you silly-billy.

You see, the economy (that’s a grown-up word for “managing more money than your dad makes”) is based on supply and demand. This basically means that if there’s a lot of something that’s given away for cheap or free, then it is worth little money. But if there’s only a little of something and everybody wants/needs it, then it is worth a crapload of money. Continue reading Kidz Korner: Economics of supply, demand

Master of marital arts

When a couple gets married it is a cause for celebration (unless it is one of those marriages). And different people have different ways of celebrating. Some dance and enjoy the open bar, some practice their bicycle kicks.

A Pennsylvania couple were married recently and held their reception at a local Holiday Inn. As the happy couple entered their hotel room, the groom, apparently not planning on consummating the marriage that evening, kicked his new bride. A fight between the two lovebirds broke out, causing guests from another wedding to rush over and see what the clamoring was about.

When the two men got a hold of the groom, the bride began attacking them, too. The fight spilled into the hallway and the police had to be called in. Strangely enough, alcohol may have been a factor. Mazeltov!

Stealing games is a two star offense

Don't trust him. His smile and the butterflies belie the theft he's going to do.Not one game out there thrives on controversy more than the ones in the Grand Theft Auto series. Known for ridiculous violence involving jet packs, porn stars former porn stars taking a turn at voice acting, pixelated (literally) sex achieved through hacking peripherals and plenty of racial slurs, no one involves controversy more than these games. So what happens when a game that’s based on making perfectly immoral (but fun) decisions is the target of crime in real life?


Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest in the series, comes out this week came out today; however, according to Ars Technica, a “surprising amount of copies are not making their way to the individuals that ordered them.” Yes, not even 24 hours before GTA IV hits the streets crime is already on the rise in the form of a few UPS employees helping themselves to your pre-ordered murder simulator of choice. Slow news day? Yes. Hearsay? Oh yes. Ars Technica even says that this is simply “a novel situation” and later tells Kotaku that “In one 24-hour period, three workers were fired, and more interviews were scheduled for today that would likely end in termination.” Isolated incident? Almost totally.

So, what have we learned? Don’t go with UPS. Spend the extra 2 dollars to get it sent via Fed-Ex. There’s usually less incompetency as a whole that way.

Sleep not in thy church

If you get sleeping in Beantown, it is recommended you don’t take a nap in or around a church. You just might get picked up for vandalism.
In this fine country, you are innocent until proven guilty, so this blog is not going to make blanket statements like “this guy did it.” All we are saying is that he was found sleeping downstairs the day a church was discovered to have been vandalized and burglarized.
Either way, there is no napping allowed in God’s house, it seems. That kind of makes sense, though. It’s rude to go over to someone’s house and fall asleep in their basement, much less allegedly steal all of their fine silverware and oriental rugs.