Take it from Snee: Shepard Fairey is a hack

This may surprise you, but when it comes to art, I am a snob. By snob, of course, I mean that I have an appreciation of it that far surpasses your fascination with painted light and the sad Bible-screwing that this “light” portrays.

(Seriously, folks: just read your Bible. Don’t take it home, fornicate with it and tell me all about it later. It’s disrespectful to the Bible and the lewd details upset my sensitive Crom-worshipping morals.)

So, as a hyperaware art snob, or psnob, a certain work of art has not escaped my attention. Yes, I mean the Obama “Hope” image by Shepard Fairey. I ignored it for most of the election, but now it’s being hailed as a masterpiece. Some people are actually converting their own pictures into the red-white-and-blue style.

When Facebook and Twitter accounts are being wantonly defaced, I cannot stand by as this piece of “art” becomes a phenomenon. Shepard Fairey is a hack … but it’s not his fault because his competition, the real street artist, is a mother#%king ninja. Continue reading Take it from Snee: Shepard Fairey is a hack

Prostrate yourselves before we lose him

The actor who played Darth Vader —

No, not James Earl Jones. He was the voice.

The actor who played Darth Vader —

No, that was Sebastian Shaw when he’s unmasked and dies on the Death Star in Jedi. (Spoiler alert.)

Anyway, the actor who played Darth Vader —

No! We’re not going to talk about Hayden Christiansen. Jeeze.

The actor who was the actual guy in the Darth Vader suit (and killed the bejeezus out of Obiwan), David Prowse, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He’s in good spirits and using his situation to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital in South London where he is receiving treatment.

So, Prowse’s lesson for you young (50-year-old) padawan reading this is that:

You missed the Uncanny Valley by this much

Hey there, science kids! A new robot is on the prowl. You know where?

Here’s a hint: the robot is female (in design), looks like a blow-up doll and can be your friend. If you guessed Japan based off of those hints, then you’re right!

That’s right, those traitors to the human race are once again unleashing a robot upon the world that could possibly kill us all. It’s bad enough when they threaten the lives of our future and also try to put people out of a job — now they’re trying to make robots the latest fashion trend! The HRP-4C will make its runway debut at the Tokyo Fashion Show, most probably displaying all the hottest designs in what’s new and trendy for the on-the-go metallic overlord.

Unfortunately, HRP-4C didn’t function as planned today. Reports say that the robot, “kept looking surprised, opening its mouth and eyes in a stunned expression, when the demonstrator had asked it to smile or look angry.” Hmm, sounds like a fully functional model-slash-actress to us.

Most everyone would assume that’s the equivalent of Dull Surprise. But maybe in this case, it’s Doll Surprise?

Luckily, she appears to be stuck in “Asimo-Walk” mode. Any mobility on her part could cause her to be that much deadlier.

And you thought the Obama-Spidey team-up was big

Sure, reading about Batman or Spider-man, or whatever Japanese crap Chugs reads, can be really entertaining, but let’s face it, you can only watch Peter Parker give Doc Ock a money shot to the sunglasses with web fluid so many times. What if–what if we could watch Secretary of State Hillary Clinton give that money shot instead?

Now you can do just that.

Bluewater Productions, a Washington, D.C. based publisher is releasing a line of comic books (most likely one-shots) about strong, independent females in politics. Supposedly, it’s about their life stories. You can watch each woman battle with her arch-nemesis. In Clinton’s case, the vast right-wing conspirators, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will Palinize the gotcha media, Michelle Obama does battle with her husband’s shadow and Caroline Kennedy fights off reports she is cheating on her husband and withdraws her bid for a seat in the Obama cabinet.

There may even be talk of a comic book featuring Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, which would be a great move, if you ask us. Villains need there own books now and then.