Swine Flu? More like Swinging Flu, am I right?

We’re not here to make a big deal of something that shouldn’t be a big deal. Yes, the swine flu has hit Japan, despite all their efforts to block it. The areas of Kobe and Osaka have been hit hardest, according to reports. The Little Island That Could now has over 260 reported cases. It’s a high count, but cases have been mild for Japan, and no one has died from it.


In theory, the students could be as cautious as the media and disease control agencies want them to be, but instead, they would rather go out for karaoke. More than 4,400 schools, colleges and kindergartens have closed for the rest of the week to help slow spreading, but these students are enjoying the time off anyway. In Osaka, students have formed long lines in front of karaoke clubs. Being obviously so in tune with the kids these days, we guess that they’re rallying to sing away the disease, probably based off some hippy disease a la “Hands For Peace.”

Of course, some club owners don’t want business from kids from diseased or closed schools. One karaoke joint owner put up a sign saying that students from closed schools were not welcome inside. Someone will take their business, though. And they’ll all sing their flu-y voices into the same microphone.

2 thoughts on “Swine Flu? More like Swinging Flu, am I right?”

  1. I imagine the Japanese running through the streets in terror, only occasionally stopping to point and yell “Swine Flu is coming!” Buildings tumble.


    Your skills are no match for my swine fu technique.

  2. The sad thing is that there’s almost a precedent for a ooey, gooey gigantic Swine Flu-esque kaiju (Godzilla monster). It’s called Hedorah, which was an enormous monster made of smog.

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