MasterChugs Theater: ‘District 9’

The poison that permeates the District 9 is the same toxin that has defined so much of human history: The oppression of the Other. In this case, that means scaly aliens with feelers for faces who are confined to South African-style “townships,” and who, in director-writer Neill Blomkamp’s allegorical thrill ride, represent every tyrannized population since the institution of the pogrom. A sci-fi fueled indictment of man’s inhumanity to man, and the non-human, District 9 is all horribly familiar, and transfixing. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: ‘District 9’

The world as ‘Scooby Doo’

Caster Semenya won the gold on Wednesday in the 800-meter race at the world championship in Berlin, Germany. The South African received her medal … and an official request for a gender test.

Yes, in the same sense that the world believes only an underage Chinese gymnast could win the Olympics or a muslim Kenyan could win the presidency, we now believe that only a South African male could possibly defeat our lady runners.

Look, we can’t yank every face off, hoping it was Old Man Jenkins the whole time and–therefore–doesn’t count. Sometimes we’re gonna lose.

Should’ve worn the Cloak of Hammer Defense +3 instead

We all get mad at other people sometimes. Heck, we even get mad at our friends. I’ve done it, you’ve done it, but the important thing is to just hash it out. Put it into perspective-is whatever you’re fighting over so bad that it can’t be solved simply over just words instead, or for that matter, even just not worrying about it anymore? I usually think that way.

I’ve been d***ed jerked over by friends before-it happens. We all have. It doesn’t matter if they owe us money or if they’ve slept with our parents (both of them-sorry guys), it’s all just relative, and the matter definitely doesn’t call for violence. With that said, is it really worth hitting a friend over the head with a hammer just because they probably said that you failed your saving throw? Is violence really the answer because you and your friend made a “pact” to not go after a girl, only for your friend to go after said lass?

Of course not. But that didn’t stop young Zachary King of Utah from clobbering two friends of his because one broke an “oath” and the other probably made him lose his Dex Roll against a Beholder. S’ok Zachary, we at SG understand your rage. We just hope that you bring a Soap Bar of Impalement Defense +99 with you in jail.

In other news, Utah is still weird.

Employee benefits include a sweet blue uniform and subliminal rock music

I was a single child as a youngster, and with an eight and a half year difference between my younger brother and I, it’s obvious that I had to be a very independent individual and thus occupy myself with my imagination.

With that said, there are some headlines that I only dreamed that I would see-and this is one of them.

It worked for Tupac

Faking your own death is never easy, believe us, we’ve tried. But apparently in our cases, the insurance money we’d collect didn’t even begin to cover the expenses of faking, so why bother? However, in the case of Marcus Shrenker, if you’ve got the coin to crash your own plane in order to fake your own death, what’s the harm in trying, right? Well apparently the harm is four years in the slammer, plus funeral costs …

Let hope this doesn’t transfer over to humans

Thanks to Max Brooks, the undead have not been much of an issue lately. That, unfortunately, comes to an end today. What’s worse, is that this is where the world of zombies and the War on Animals collide.

Science has discovered a fungus that affects carpenter ants in Thailand, because in Thailand, hookers aren’t the only thing with an infection. These ants normally live high up in the trees, but when the fungus infects them, it turns the ant into a zombie and makes it crawl down the tree, close to the ground. From there, it makes the ant find a nice leaf to attach itself.

Finally, the ant dies. But rather than becoming reanimated, it instead becomes a breeding ground for the fungus, which consumes its innards as it grows. Remember: aim for the head.