Time to embiggen my score

Helpful hint: If you name your child QZJXK, that triple word score will be alllllll yours.

Scrabble is changing the game-big time. This July’s edition of Scrabble by Mattel will amend the rules to now allow proper nouns to be used in the game.

In everywhere but the the good ol’ United States of America.

Hasbro owns the trademark for Scrabble in the US, and Mattel owns it in the rest of the world. Depending on your outlook, this means that either sanity has now been restored in your world or your freedoms are being encroached upon once again. Of course, no one ever thinks about house rules …

Still, if you’d like to use the amended rules, challenging the veracity of a word might require a nearby computer, as Google might be the most reliable source for … well …. calling it fact-checking seems a little off.