Post updated at 5:00 pm EST on June 15, 2010.

The Guys don’t pretend to understand God’s thinking, but it’s possible to extrapolate from this story that he doesn’t much care for the evangelical Solid Rock Church in Monroe, OH and what was their big honking statue of Jesus.

What we mean is that there are parables, and then there are direct f&%king messages in lightning and red font.

Now, if only he could smote Thomas Kinkade stores without burning down the entire mall ….

UPDATE (6/15/2010)
According to Monroe Fire Chief Mark Neu:

“As the fire moved from the [Jesus’ right] hand throughout the statue, it also spread into the church’s amphitheater and destroyed most of the roof line, Neu said. […]

The amphitheater, statue and surrounding area had lightning resisters and grounding rods to dispense lightning into the ground, but for some reason they did not work, Neu said.” [Emphasis ours.]

That’s right: we’ve got ourselves a miracle!

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