Take it from Snee: Milk

It’s a crazy world out there this week: guys (not The Guys) are stomping on ladies’ heads at political rallies and demanding an apology, presumably for smudging their new “kicks.”

That ain’t healthy. Not only is it heinous, but this is only a mid-term election. WTF?

This is why I’m doing something a little different for Take it from Snee. Your health is important, so I’ve taken it upon myself to produce this PSA.

(This has nothing to do with all those mattress tags I stole and subsequent court rulings.)

Seriously, it does.

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Rick Snee

Through his writing for SeriouslyGuys, Rick Snee has alternately been accused of being: a liberal, a conservative, three different spellings of "moron," some old grump, a millennial know-nothing and -- on one occasion -- a grave insult to a minor deity in some obscure pantheon (you probably haven't heard of it). Really, he's just one of The Guys, y'know?

3 thoughts on “Take it from Snee: Milk”

  1. bout time somebody stepped on those idiots. btw, can’t hurt them by stepping on their heads, they’re empty :-)

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