Profiles in bad parenting

High school is a rough time for most people. Unless you’re slutty or reasonably athletic, you’re just trying to get through the day and avoid any notice from your fellow students. One dad in Utah decided that being a sophomore in high school (in Utah, too) wasn’t hard enough.

He decided to, every morning, dress in a different costume and wave to his son’s bus as it passed by in the morning, humiliating his kid. The man, who for some reason named his son Rain, dressed up in 180 different costumes over the course of the school year, including a pirate, Michael Jackson (the white one, we assume), and a bride. In other news, this kid’s virginity is safe until college.

We’re not really sure about the source’s labeling of this “best prank ever,” It’s technically not even a prank, since the victim is not actually triggering the event itself.