Ask Dr. Snee: Spring is all up in us

Hello, Internet patients.

It’s been a while since I’ve answered your letters, but that’s because I’ve been furiously working out for bikini season. As we say in the medical community, you get more fly with honey smeared on washboard abs than on body hair and love handles.

But, even though it’s also vasectomy season, I’m taking a timeout from my brackets to answer your letters … Continue reading Ask Dr. Snee: Spring is all up in us

Another reason to always wipe gym equipment

Speaking of the mystery that is the woman’s orgasm, researchers are delving into a phenomenon known as the “coregasm.” As more women work out, more are reporting achieving sexual pleasure and even orgasms during exercise. The majority of the cases occur during abdominal workouts — hence the “core” in “coregasm” — but other culprits include “weight lifting, yoga, bicycling [not too surprising there] running and walking or hiking.”

Although the study’s author has heard men claim they experience coregasm, too, we’re a little hesitant to buy it. Come on, the male coregasm? That’s just a myth.

Panda-poopa Matata

Kids and women the world over say that they love pandas. They’re not necessarily species traitors, just dumb people. It’s futile to love the panda because the panda does not love itself. After years of being hunted searched, the species just refuses to procreate. Laborious and expensive treatments and experiments over the years have had a net result of nearly nil. It’s given up on life and as a result, we should give up on it.

An Yanshi isn’t necessarily giving up on them, so much as making them work for their existence. The Chinese entrepreneur is using large amounts of their dung to grow organic tea. 50 grams of the tea will cost you 3500 dollars, making it around 200 dollars for a cup.

“Panda Poop Green Tea.” I’m sure it’ll sell like wildfire with branding like that. At least we’re putting an enemy to use for our side, even if it’s fat emo kid of the animal kingdom.

Nothing but a G thing

Gravity. Evolution. Relativity. They’re all just theories. They’re something that most of us accept as reality, even though we can only prove it in math, there’s no hard proof that we can touch. Well, add to the list of theories we can’t touch, the G-spot.

That’s right, that special spot inside the special lady place (we’re keeping this SFW with the medical terms), the Gr√§fenberg Spot, may not really exist. A group of scientists went through data from clinic trials from 1950 to 2011 (because you know they had no firsthand experience) and found that there was no firm data to support the existence of the mystical spot.

So guys, when your woman’s not happy, just tell her it’s not your fault. Not that The Guys have ever gotten complaints.