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Another reason to always wipe gym equipment

Speaking of the mystery that is the woman’s orgasm, researchers are delving into a phenomenon known as the “coregasm.” As more women work out, more are reporting achieving sexual pleasure and even orgasms during exercise. The majority of the cases occur during abdominal workouts — hence the “core” in “coregasm” — but other culprits include “weight lifting, yoga, bicycling [not too surprising there] running and walking or hiking.”

Although the study’s author has heard men claim they experience coregasm, too, we’re a little hesitant to buy it. Come on, the male coregasm? That’s just a myth.

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  1. Jack

    I don’t understand why people think an exercise induced orgasm can happen only to women. I had my first at age 7 and many since then. With or without an erection. The real myth is that men are simple sexual beings and we’re not. I think it’s pathetic how many men buy into that bull.