The McBournie Minute: My war with cab drivers

It seems like a cliché by now, but I can’t stand cab drivers. I don’t care where they are from, their race, gender, or preferred language, and I don’t lump huge groups of people together, but really, cab drivers suck.

Sure, they get us home safely after a night out at the bars, or more importantly, get our drunk-ass friends off our hands so we can go back inside and continue drinking, but they can often be horrible drivers, we’re just too drunk to tell. When I talk about cab drivers, I mean those in the U.S., almost exclusively in urban areas, and certainly not the kind you rent for an evening. I’m talking about the guys honk to get your attention as you walk down the street–just in case you want a ride somewhere.

I haven’t been a fan of them in a long time, but recently one of them hit my parked car and drove off. Continue reading The McBournie Minute: My war with cab drivers

Heartaches and toothaches

The Guys are not ones to make sexist comments, or take one crazy person’s actions and apply them to a larger group. That’s why we’re here to say that women should not be messed with, because they can really screw you over.

A Polish man had a toothache but figured he had a hook-up, even though we’re pretty sure that that sort of thing is covered under their socialized health care. His ex-girlfriend is a dentist, so he asked her to take a look. When he woke up, he found that his bitter ex had pulled out all of his teeth. On top of that, his current girlfriend then dumped him because he was toothless.

The Guys in Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up, so The Guys thought we’d dedicate an entry to the ongoing concerns of moms in our sensitively-titled series: The Guys in Moms.

If you’ve been wanting to stick a pacifier in your infant, but have been told not as this could discourage your infant from breastfeeding, researchers have good news: pacifier-use may not contribute to nipple confusion. Despite curbing pacifier use in neonatal facilities, nursing went down when compared to numbers during the freewheeling pacifier days. However, cutting oral fixations out of your baby’s diet also does not curb their smoking.

And, for moms of teenagers: some other mom has assembled a handy list of things for your teen to drink. Print a copy and post it on the fridge to keep your kids from dipping into your personal beer supply.

I think something might be lost in translation

Keeling Pilaro was a high-school boy playing field hockey on an all-girls team. That is no longer a reality.

“They told me I wasn’t allowed to play because I had advanced skills that I learned in Ireland,” Keeling told CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan.
Mona Rivera of 1010 WINS also talked to Pilaro, who told her, “They told me because I have an adverse effect…and…but they didn’t even explain what the adverse effect was, so that’s what I’m kind of confused about.”

That’s a very kind way of saying you can’t play on this team because of your penis. Which may have an adverse effect on the girls.