Leaky Capitol urinal comes to kill print media

Reporters have dangerous jobs, especially the ones in Washington, D.C. Sure, the reporters working in war zones or pretty much anywhere in Detroit have a pretty solid claim, but D.C. reporters have to deal with politicians all the time. Then there are times when the bathrooms attack you.

Members of the press in the Capitol Building were attacked by a leaky urinal. The House Press Gallery was swamped with water when a nearby men’s room sprung a leak. Terrorism has not yet been ruled out.

The leak was eventually fixed, but one reporter, morosely found the situation to make a commentary on the state of print media in his coverage:

“Capitol Police officers, gallery staff, and other U.S. Capitol personnel moved to contain the flow. In doing so, they found a use, finally, for the gallery’s stacks of unread newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals, as makeshift sponges and sandbags.”