MasterChugs Theater: ‘Elite Squad: The Enemy Within’

Chugs is currently busy being besieged by a gigantic amount of work at his job, along with training people to eventually replace him. It’s that time of the season again. As such, with both the heat on the rise and the rain coming down in droves, why don’t you sit in and catch an easily seen flick?

Or go out this weekend and see Prometheus. I know damn well I’m going to.

Writer-director Jose Padilha’s Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is a follow-up to the original Elite Squad, but not to worry. No previous courses are required, as this latest (Brazil’s official selection for a 2012 Oscar nomination) is essentially a standalone, and a sturdy one at that. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: ‘Elite Squad: The Enemy Within’

Even Americans’ brains getting fatter

University of Tennessee biological anthropologist Richard Jantz says you’re a fathead. Well, not really. But it’s definitely fatter than those of your ancestors.

After measuring the skulls of white Americans born between 1825 and 1985, Jantz found that their heads are at least 8 millimeters larger. Taking the entire circumference into account, that amounts to a tennis ball-sized extra helping of brain.

But, let’s not go crazy here, white supremacists. This isn’t to say that other races‘ heads aren’t growing, too, just that white people are typically the only ones who let scientists touch them after that whole Tuskegee experiment thing. This also explains how bigger brains don’t necessarily translate to higher intelligence.

The sun is a dick

It’s not easy being a trucker, despite what Clint Eastwood would have you think. You’re all alone on the highways, when you go into a diner, you can feel all the eyes upon you and you just wish the night was through, if Bob Seger has anything to say about it.

Also, because of your route, you may end up becoming Two Face thanks to the sun.

A 69 year old man spent 28 years of life on the road, trucking from one end of the country to the other. The end result?

The photo, recently released by New England Journal of Medicine, shows that the right side of the unnamed man’s face is smooth, while the sun-damaged half is crevassed and pruned beyond his years from years of the sun shining on his face as he drove.

The sun has officially become a writer for Batman.

Dromedary drama in France

Europe is extremely vulnerable right now. Their economy is in shambles, threatening to take down the whole system and making people afraid. The animals know that Europeans are panicked right now, that’s why the decided to launch an attack on the historically most-vulnerable country on the continent: France.

It was there that two camels, without stating their intentions, meandered around a busy motorway (European for “highway”) on Monday. Terrified motorists pulled over, probably while crying “Sacré bleu!” They then called the police, or constables, or whatever, who showed up once they there threw with their cigarettes, then promptly surrendered to the camels.

(Three French stereotypes in one sentence BOOM!)