Naked golf not just for Georgia

As one of The Guys expertly predicted that where there was one naked golf incident, there would be more to be, ahem, exposed. It took less than a day for that theory to be proven correctly.

The place: Woodlands Golf Club in Alton Illinois. It was there that two Missouri women, aged 43 and 45, were arrested after police say they exposed their breasts on the golf course. There’s no mention of whether they were part of a foursome, but what is clear is that naked golf is clearly not just for men.

One intrepid reporter received a tip about the nakedness and went over to the course to confirm. It’s a tough job.

Part of the original article that has since been taken down mentioned reports of similar behavior in the past, including naked women sitting spread-eagle in front of the hole. That is most certainly in violation of the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association.