Batman for president

Who is Batman, and why do we keep thinking he’s an elected official?

Remember when The Dark Knight came out, and everyone thought that Batman’s approach to terrorism (Joker) was very George W. Bush-like? Right down to the part where everyone hates him at the end. Noted film critic Rush Limbaugh now thinks that the Caped Crusader is Barack Obama.

We all know that El Rushbo will say anything stupid to get ratings. In this case, it’s all about the character names and a couple lines. Catwoman says something about how rich people are rich and the poor are poor, and there’s a bad guy in the film named Bane, you know, like Bain Capital, the thing Mitt Romney’s tied up in right now. Even though Bane is a decades-old villain, and the film began shooting long before the campaign, or even the Occupy movement for that matter.

But still, good forward thinking, Rush. A black Batman. Wait, does that make Catwoman Hillary?