You Missed It: Homewrecker edition

It’s finally time. The London Olympics are here. Of course, by now the opening ceremonies have already occurred, but we won’t see them until tonight. I have to say, the Olympics in the Internet Age really suck, unless it’s in your time zone. We love spoilers, and we love getting info up to the minute, but there’s no fun watching an event if you know the outcome. If you were busy signing on to a talent show this week, odds are you missed it.

Twi would she do that?
Twilight fans are up in arms after it was revealed that “actress” Kristen Stewart had a brief affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, who is married and has two kids. Stewart apologized publicly to her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out. In less important news, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is considering using chemical weapons on his own people.

Campaign stop in the Holy Land
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is flying to Israel this weekend to discuss policy issues with the country’s leadership. Romney said he was excited to see the place Jesus lived before preaching to the Indians in North America.

Have you heard the one about the shooting in Colorado?
Dane Cook, everyone’s favorite comedic punching bag, unseated Daniel Tosh as the most hated man in their profession by making jokes about the Colorado shooting less than a week after it happened. Let that be a lesson for all those who think it’s a good idea to go to a Dane Cook show.

Populating Dumpsville 101

Boston’s Public Health Commission, along with local social service agencies, have concluded their third annual Break-Up Summit for teens. The summit aims to teach local high school students the ins and outs of ending a relationship, from recognizing abuse to not using Facebook or texting to break up.

It is unclear, however, if students can earn extra credit by breaking up with their teachers.

High hopes crash sometimes

There comes a time when a man has a question for a woman, a question more romantic than “Did you just fart?” It’s a question most only ask once in their life, the old proposal. But what happens when your plans to propose go horribly wrong?

Recently, a New England man hired Mike Flynn to write “Marry Me” in the sky with his plane. The plan was that while the message was being written, the hopeful groom would take his lady for a walk along the beach, then the message would appear. Only problem was that the hired plane crashed into the ocean.

The pilot was safe, his eight-year-old son heard the distress call over the radio. Somehow, the plane went up the next day, trying once again. This time it worked as previously planned. The Guys wish this guy a swift first marriage, as the fate has foreshown, so that he may reach his second marriage, which is supposed to be the one he intended.