You Missed It: Chlorinated edition

I can’t dig on NBC again, but I can say I was way ahead of the curve in criticizing the tape delay. The Summer Olympics seem to be more popular, but I think they’re less interesting that the Winter Olympics. Basically, you just have a bunch of people doing variations of running, jumping and swimming. Plus gymnastics, which sucks. In the winter you’ve got cool things like hockey and luge. I’ll take that any day. If you were busy throwing your badminton match this week, odds are you missed it.

They call him the yellow streak
U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has a bit of a reputation for being on the douchey side, thanks to some interviews and findings on social media sites. However, he’s even more of a douche to his fellow swimmers. Lochte admitted this week that on occasion he pees in the pool. He said he doesn’t do it in the racing pool, only when he’s warming up. In this case, it’s the pool used for diving competitions. Diving just got more interesting to watch.

Missiles ready
The Missile Defense Agency, a real part of the federal government, had to issue a reminder to all its employees and contractors not to use government laptops to visit adult web sites, especially while on the job. Apparently it’s not only the American taxpayer that the feds are jerking around.

So much drama in the Caribbean
This week, Snoop Dogg announced that he is changing his name to Snoop Lion and releasing a reggae album. Mr. Dogg decided this during a recently trip to Jamaica, where he was inspired by his time with Rastafarians. This is the same thing that happened to another musician, and that time he went around insisting people call him John Cougar Mellencamp.

Argintar thinks Batman was symbol of inspiration, is actually symbol of daaaaark vengeance

At least he didn't go with Sandusky BatmanRemember Matthew Argintar? The guy we told you about yesterday that thought it’d be great to dress up as Batman and parade around a Home Depot parking lot?

It’s now been revealed that he did so because he thought it’d be inspirational.

“… What I was doing was not seen the way I wanted it to be seen,” Argintar told The Express-Times this afternoon. “I understand it was (expletive) timing and everything. I get that.”

It probably would’ve been a lot more inspirational to hold a bake sale in the Home Depot parking lot. And potentially dress up as Batman while doing so. Bake Sale Batman would be awesome.

Words of caution for the U.S. and A.

Much like swine flu, Olympic fever has swept the entire globe! Around the world, people are glued to their televisions watching every moment live, unless they live in the U.S. But there are a lucky few who made it to foggy London town to watch the games in person, and a good number of them seem to be fans of Borat.

The spectators have apparently been harassing the Kazakhstani athletes when they win a medal with quotes from the Sacha Baron Cohen movie that so tightly binds our country and theirs. It’s to the point where they are asking their diplomats to tell people to tone it down.

“We tried not to pay attention to it but it’s still … how can I say it, it’s your country. Of course nobody takes it seriously but there are some thing that you cannot tolerate, things about your mother and sister. No matter how democratic you are you will never tolerate the words that Borat was saying about us,” Kazakhstan’s Deputy Chef de Mission Aslan Amanov said.

In other news, apparently Kazakhstanis understand English.