The McBournie Minute: Search-and-destroy on Mars

If you were up at 1 a.m. Eastern time watching the Mars Curiosity rover land, you’re a nerd. Also, you’re being spoon-fed lies from NASA, but that’s been true for decades. Let’s not forget that this is the same alleged government agency that claimed in landed on the Moon, and yet it has not brought back a single piece of moon cheese. Why? The moon landing was faked.

I’m not saying that Curiosity didn’t land on Mars. It did. But NASA keeps insisting that it sent the rover to scour the Martian landscape collecting soil samples and searching for the building blocks of life. This is no mission of peace. This is a search-and-destroy mission, why else would NASA allow the rover to be operated by a dude with a mohawk?

In short, Curiosity is preemptive strike weapon wrapped in sheep’s clothing. Continue reading The McBournie Minute: Search-and-destroy on Mars

It’s the court trial we can’t talk about at work

Russia gets a bad rap a lot of the times. We can blame that on the communists.

Russian justice doesn’t get a bad rap, mainly because it never actually got a good rap. And while we could talk about a Russian punk band, human rights, the rights of prisoners, separation of church and state, media attention toward show trials and other interesting topics of debate, we can’t.

Because we can’t at work. (Link Not Safe For Work)

Assault with a musical instrument

Hawaii is a land of endless sun and relaxation. It’s a place where there’s hardly any violence, because everyone’s walks around thinking, “Dude, this place is so beautiful!” and it takes any violent impulses away. That’s why when there is an attack, it’s shocking.

According to the Hawaii Five-O, a 58-year-old man beat his 56-year-old roommate with a ukulele at their apartment recently. The roommate had significant injuries as a result. One can only assume that that they were arguing over with Don Ho song was his greatest.