You Missed It: Peace at last edition

The British royal family is known for being rather prim and proper, even at the Olympics, none of them seemed very excited or even human. Luckily Price Harry changed that this week, partying in Las Vegas, at one point challenging Ryan Lochte to a race in a hotel pool, and playing strip billiard with some ladies. I want to party with that man. If you were storming toward the Republican national convention this week, odds are you missed it.

Brit vs. Fake-Brit
A few weeks ago, the elder paparazzi world shook when Elton John said that Madonna looked like a fairground stripper. Apparently this is part of some ongoing feud that no one really cares about. At a recent concert in France, Madonna said that she forgave Sir Elton. But the question still remains: Where can I find these fairs with strippers (as long as they’re not 53)?

Boobs are people, too
It’s no secret that women have a lot of rights to defend these days, which lawmakers discussing “legitimate rape” and all. But more important that sexual assault is the right to bare one’s breasts, and on Sunday, women across the country will be standing up for their most sacred right. Rallies are planned in several major cities, including New York and Washington, D.C., to help spread awareness that if men can walk around without a shirt on, women can, too. If you plan on attending a rally, checkout (NSFW), and make sure you send The Guys pictures on Monday.

Man bites snake
A farmer in Nepal was tending his rice paddy this week when a cobra came along and bit him. It was dark, so the farmer didn’t know what had bitten him. He got a flashlight, came back, and saw that his assailant was in fact a cobra. To show the snake whose bite is deadlier, the farmer grabbed the snake and bit it until it died. Only then did the man go to the hospital.

Home Invasion, animal style

The war against our multi-legged enemies continues. Just when we thought we were making ground, the animals begin their invasion plots and in our most sacred areas! Not a place is safe!

Don’t let this continue. Stamp out any animals you see.