You Missed It: Oral history edition

Fall will be upon us in hours, and that means changing leaves and crappy movies. But most importantly, it means that it is acceptable to drink fall beers. I don’t like how beer companies large and small try to rush us through the seasons by putting out their new brews weeks early, and that goes for Oktoberfest-style and pumpkin beers. Alcohol may make time go by faster, but it doesn’t trick me into thinking it’s another season. If you were busy getting busted in Texas for possession of hash this week, odds are you missed it.

Remember when an affair was the country’s biggest problem?
It was 1998 when we all learned that President Bill Clinton had been hooking up with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Today, Lewinsky is 39 and doesn’t have a job or many friends because of the stigma of the scandal. So she’s decided to cash-in and write a tell-all book about her time being the president’s humidor. Booksellers say Lewinsky’s book could make millions of dollars in 1999.

Long lines for a longer phone
The iPhone 5 hit shelves today, and as is tradition, people with money to burn and a lot of free time on their hands lined up outside stores across the country to be the first to get the newest intelligent cellular telephone. Unfortunately, none of them were able to find their way home after glitches in Apple map app directed them into the Atlantic Ocean.

The gloves come off for Mittens
A video released this week of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney shot at a May fundraising event sparked controversy over remarks made about the 47% of Americans who rely on the federal government, which he said will never vote for him. He also made reference to “those people,” but since it was a Hispanic Mormon from both Michigan and Massachusetts, no one’s really sure which minority group he was referring to.