Looking at the world through rose-tinted asses

If there’s one aspect of our morning ablutions that bothers the Guys, it’s not being able to wear our deodorant and eat it, too. Not only would our breath smell better, but we assume our farts would eventually smell like the Old Spice Guy. (Those turds? Tickets to that thing you like.)

A new candy, Deo Perfume Candy, operates on a similar principle. The company that makes it says that, once ingested, its active ingredients, rose oil and geraniol, evaporates a rose scent through your skin. You then smell like roses for six hours, which, correct us if we’re wrong, but do not have a very strong smell at all. In fact, you gotta bury your nose deep into the bud just to get a whiff, so apply that to checking your best friends’ pits.

But, hey, at least we’ll be safe from the next bubonic plague, rose-scented B.O. and all.

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Rick Snee

Through his writing for SeriouslyGuys, Rick Snee has alternately been accused of being: a liberal, a conservative, three different spellings of "moron," some old grump, a millennial know-nothing and -- on one occasion -- a grave insult to a minor deity in some obscure pantheon (you probably haven't heard of it). Really, he's just one of The Guys, y'know?