Dead Island becomes reality

Tangier Island is a small island in the Chesapeake section of Virginia. If you rent a bike, you can peddle around the entire island in approximately an hour. I should know, I’ve been to it as a kid.

It’s been a good 15 years since I’ve been there, but thanks to Hurricane Superstorm Windy and Rainy Event Sandy, I think I’d like to keep that time passed even longer. Why? Because has decided to take the career path of the narrator from Altered Beast and caused the dead to “WISE FROM THEIR GWAVE.”

Erosion has caused graves, caskets, clothing and skeletons to be washed up, turning the beach into a necrophiliac’s most romantic dream site ever. Along with that, the island is losing nearly 20 feet of land a year. No one’s made claims that the dead have begun gnawing on people, but with a shrinking island, would you want to take that chance?