MasterChugs Theater: We interrupt your normally scheduled MCT

People, I’ve been busier than I’d like and I STILL haven’t had a chance to see Zero Dark Thirty yet. This angers me greatly and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to see anything new. But, if you’re reading this when it posts (5 pm EST on Thursday, 1/24) and you’re in the Roanoke Valley area of Virginia, then I’ve got a deal for you! A good friend of mine, Rod Belcher, has now become a published author this week thanks to his debut novel, The Six-Gun Tarot. Drop by the Books-A-Million near Towne Square Shopping Center in Roanoke at 7 pm tonight and you can meet Rod, along with purchasing his new book and having him sign it! You might even get a chance to see me!

Look down to do so.

There will a new movie review next week. Thanks for your patience everyone.