You Missed It: Phone tap edition

Jitterbugs are among the most hackable cell phones.
Jitterbugs are among the most hackable cell phones.

Some people look forward to business trips. They get to go out, see a new city, get some business done, then go party. I went to Las Vegas for work this week, and unfortunately I barely had time to feed myself, much less enjoy myself. Regardless, the city cool factor wore off for me pretty quickly. It’s cool for a bit, but everything’s new and over-the-top. It’s like Walt Disney World for adults. If you were busy picking the horse meat out of your lasagna this week, odds are you missed it.

Apparently they do use technology
This week, a member of the Bush family’s email got hacked. Yes, that Bush family. The Secret Service is now investigating. Private emails between George H.W. and family members, include George W., were posted online. Some of the emails contained private phone numbers, the security code for one of the family homes, and even photos of George the elder during his recent hospital stay. Let me tell you, once you see those nude photos, you’ll never think of the term “executive branch” the same way again.

Nemo finds you
Right now, a blizzard is bearing down on the Northeast, with some predictions calling for three feet of snow before it’s all over. The Weather Channel, which for some reason took to naming winter storms, has named this one Nemo. Everyone laughed at me when after Iago I said that they were naming these things after Disney characters. Who’s laughing now? If they run out of names in alphabetical order, I hear they’re going to start listing off the seven dwarfs.

Retract of the drones
Sen. Rufus King, I-Maine, is calling for judicial oversight over the Obama administration’s targeted drone strikes. It may not be the best idea to challenge the authority of a guy who has command over fleets of flying killer robots.