Another example of creeping fascism in our schools

If you’re an avid reader of the comment sections on news stories, or just listen to AM radio, you know very well that the U.S. is going downhill fast, and it’s all thanks to the creeping socialism-fascism model that the so-called Democratic party has been implementing for the past four years. It’s getting to the point where moms are required to get pat-downs when they show up for parent-teacher conferences.

A Florida mom went to her child’s middle school for a meeting, and like any good parent, brought along a concealed firearm. A teacher alerted the school resource officer, and she was able to produce a concealed carry permit. Only thing is, apparently in the People’s Communist Republic of Florida, it’s not legal to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds, permit or no. Then, during a search of her purse, the officer found a stun gun, a baggie of white powder and a painkiller, as is her constitutional right.

To be fair, the teacher she was supposed to meet probably had way more drugs and weapons.