You Missed It: Get out the vote edition

Apparently minorities voted for a corrupt white Republican.
Apparently minorities voted for a corrupt white Republican.

If you ask me, Mother’s Day is sexist. First off, the only people who celebrate it happen to be women. Coincidence? I think not. This holiday isn’t even for all women, it’s just the ones who have given birth. Holidays are supposed to be for everyone, but no, not this one. It’s got elitism written all over it. I’d be more inclined to celebrate this holiday if recent mothers would give me just one day without posting pictures of their kids on Facebook. Your kid looks the same has he did yesterday. If you were busy installing the spire on the new World Trade Center this week, odds are you missed it.

Expect more race pandering in 2016
This week, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that black people out-voted white people last November, the first time his has happened in a presidential election since 1968. Over 66% of eligible blacks voted in the 2012 while only 64.1% of eligible white people voted. I think we all know that the system is rigged in favor of minorities.

That’s enough, Bieber
In a polarized political climate, the one thing we can agree on is that Justin Bieber sucks. According to a recent poll, both Democrats and Republicans expressed disapproval of the singer. Respondents also said that out of a list of pop stars, they would most likely vote for Justin Timberlake for president. In other news, they’re using chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war.

A blow to DIYers, gun enthusiasts
The federal government banned the distribution of designs for a plastic gun, which could be used on a 3-D printer. Defense Distributed, based in, you guess it, Texas, said it was ordered by the State Department to pull the designs for the 15-part firearm. The administration cited the threat posed by plastic guns in In the Line of Fire, and there are only so many Clint Eastwoods.