Servers to mini-copters: ‘Dey dook dur jurbs!’

It’s truly a life full of ennui and largesse when someone is bored with people just serving them their food. “Oh, food that’s given to you? By a human being? How pedestrian.” No longer will that statement be uttered at London’s YO! Sushi restaurant.

Catering to an audience that’s apparently made up of nothing more than Margaret Dumont and the women in movies that go “Well, I never,” the sushi joint is employing a mini-helicopter to get their food to their patrons.

Waitress Gabriella Micu, 28, said: ‘It’s really fun for customers and I hope we can get to the point where we can serve guests from the central kitchen as it would definitely help to cut down the time walking around the restaurant.’

While replacing people with iPad controlled gadgets isn’t happening immediately, it’s also pointed out that the ‘copter can travel more than six times faster than the average server. Unless you want Skynet to take your job, we recommend that lots and lots of gyroscope accidents start happening.