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Cultural exchange: complete

Who says America doesn't make anything anymore?
Who says America doesn’t make anything worthy of export anymore?

The Guys have an affinity for the English language, mostly because it’s the only language we speak. (You ride the date that brung ya, you know?) But, we’re not totally obtuse about it. We recognize that, due to cultural experience and sometimes limitations, gaps exist.

Our favorite example is a German word, schadenfreude, that shameful joy we feel when something bad happens to someone we don’t particularly like. Sure, we could say, “I feel slightly bad, but not because you’re hurting, but because I shouldn’t be glad you’re in pain, yet here we are.” But, the Germans encapsulated that all in one word so that we wouldn’t have to. That’s a gift to the world.

Of course, when you receive a gift, you eventually have to give one back. (This is why you should never open your graduation cards and pretend they were lost in the mail.) It is in this spirit of linguistic exchange that we, the English-speaking world, say you’re welcome to the German people for “s**tstorm.” We’re glad to see you enjoy it as much as we have.

(The last two links contain NSFW language.)

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