Pope: Cadillacs are for Episcopalians

"I work too hard to deal with this stuff!! I work too hard! I'm the Holy See in charge of 1.2 billion people! I drive a Ford Focus!"
“I work too hard to deal with this stuff! I work too hard! I’m a Religion Manager in charge of 1.2 billion people! I drive a Ford Focus!

Pope Frank — who said we can call him that because he’s a man of the people, unlike anyone named Francis — has had it with priests and nuns flashing their bling, cellular telephones and flashy cars.

Saying that it hurts him to see clergy in “latest model cars,” the pope encouraged them to “just think about how many children are dying of hunger in the world” before buying a fancy one.

This announcement/guilt trip was also the Frank’s subtle way of unveiling his new interfaith outreach program with Jewish mothers.

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