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29-year-olds get the worst hangovers, or why not to hire young people

Are you 29? If so, we’ll try not to type too loudly for you, your head is probably killing you.

According to a study in the U.K., 29-year-olds get the worst hangovers out of anyone. Researcher believe that this is because the they still think they can party as they did in their younger days, but it turns out their bodies can’t handle it. They also found that the average hangover lasts about nine hours and 45 minutes. However, for 29-year-olds, hangovers can last 10 hours and 24 minutes. There wasn’t a mention of the length of hangovers for the 30+ crowd, so we’ll just assume that they have it fine. It’s just the 29-year-olds that have it bad.

This could be why one of The Guys, whom we won’t name, frequently calls out sick.

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