Airlifting beer to the thirsty

This is how the end begins, and of all places, the beginning of the end began in South Africa.

At the Oppikoppi music festival in there (where it’s winter, by the way), if you need a good stiff drink, all you need do is download an app and place your order. From there, your location is found, and a drone, we presume unarmed, drops you a beer in a parachute.

Folks, this is dangerous. If we start depending on robots for our drinks, we’ll soon forget how to make them or order them ourselves. We’ll come to depend on them for our beer, and then more and more. Before too long, they will be deciding if we have earned a beer.

Also, beer on a parachute in a crowd? We all know hand-eye coordination goes after you have a few–assuming you’re tall enough to reach over the other freeloaders in the first place.