Secession watch: Hilljack Maryland

The drums of secession are beating once again. This time it’s Maryland. Well, part of Maryland, anyway.

A group of people in the western counties in Maryland want to break off and form their own state. The conservatives there are tired of living under the Democratic-controlled state government. For those who don’t know, western Maryland is squeezed between West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It’s also known as the only place in the state worse to live than the city of Baltimore.

The leader of the Western Maryland Initiative, Scott Strzelczyk, envisions a free, mountainous utopia that emphasizes “personal liberty, less government intrusion, less federal entanglements.” Grammar, it seems, would not be emphasized.

According to Strzelczyk, “If we have more states, we can all go live in states that best represent us, and then we can get along.” Yes, if you don’t agree with the people your neighbors, break off all contact and form your own group. That’s how problems are solved–and cults are formed.