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‘Oh. Bab-ee. I. Am. Burn. Ing. Up.’

.@DickieV I'm on fire! #NBAJam #rememberthat?
.@DickieV I’m on fire! #NBAJam #rememberthat?

The International Business Times asks the question that you and Nest’s copy writer want the answer to: can smoke detectors be made sexy?

Of course, that’s just a premise for writing about chic-gadget lab Nest and their plans to do what they did to thermostats and do it to smoke detectors. And if you haven’t seen a Nest thermostat, let us tell you: these aren’t the ones your dad used to screw in the garage.

So, what does this makeover entail? Nobody knows. There’s been a press release that this is what Nest plans to do next, but without any details. Will there be a iPod-like design? Maybe. Can you get updates from it to your phone? Probably. Will it smoke cigarettes to set itself off every so often, letting you feel like it was worth spending more than $15 on a designer smoke alarm? It’d better.

We just hope it live-tweets when it goes off, but in a funny way so that it wins you new followers. That should cover the costs of rebuilding and buying a new home.

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