China backseat-parents Hollywood

Sure, those kids are setting U.S. foreign policy now, but in 10 years? They'll be dry humping Alan Thicke's grandson on MTV.
Sure, those kids are setting U.S. foreign policy now, but in 10 years? They’ll be dry humping Alan Thicke’s grandson on MTV.

China was shocked — shocked — by a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. Lampooning those hit-or-miss adds where an unsupervised adult asks a roundtable of kids about high-speed Internet or something, Kimmel asked kids how the United States should pay back the $1.3 trillion we owe China.

Surprisingly, not a single child on the panel could offer a balanced, nuanced analysis and solution for our deficit. One suggested, “Kill everyone in China.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang is demanding action from ABC, arguing that “spreading racism and hatred runs counter to the media’s social responsibility.”

Look, Gang (if we can call you that). We get that China isn’t used to having kids — what with you giving all of yours away for us to raise them — but you don’t get to tell our Hollywood parents how to raise our future drug addict media icons, OK?

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