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Apparently it's a crime to make a wine that's worth spitting out.
Apparently it’s a crime to make a wine that’s worth spitting out.

Have you been saving a special bottle of wine for Christmas or New Year’s Eve this year? You might want to make sure it isn’t counterfeit.

No, we’re not saying it isn’t wine. It’s just that it might not be the wine that you paid extra for, especially if it was made by Rudy Kurniawan, the first person ever convicted in the U.S. of counterfeiting wine.

Kurniawan was found guilty on Wednesday for blending younger wines and older French vintages and bottling them as more expensive (ergo, better?) labels. He fooled most tasters, proving what they know about wine. But, it was his labels that did him in. One of the winemakers he had counterfeited recognized that the year on some bottles were impossible as he had not made that wine until 1982, not 1945 and ’49 as the labels claimed.

On the other hand, now’s your last chance to get expensive-tasting wine for your bosses and in-laws for cheap. Contact the NYC evidence locker for more details.

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