Australia’s 20 minute nightmare now over

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s, in the United States, many a “very special episode” and even campaigns were made about the silent killer known as discarded refrigerators in junkyards (later, this blame would be shifted to carbon monoxide, the ebola-ridden food at Jack in the Box and Tide pods). Australia, in its attempt to one-up the danger quotient of the world, has its new threat: non-discarded and still in use top-loading washing machines.

A Melbourne man decided to prank his partner, and using ingenuity and presumably having never seen surprise videos on Youtube, felt that removing his clothes and hiding in a top-loading washing machine would be the most elaborate prank to ever rock his partner’s world. Unfortunately, the man became stuck inside the washer, possibly because washing machines are not designed for people to be inside them.

This seems to have turned into a national nightmare, as firefighters, paramedics and a search and rescue squad were called into rescue the man. After 20 long, harrowing, stress-inducing minutes, the man was extricated from the deathtrap through the use of olive oil. Looks like someone may have watched “Last Tango in Paris.”

Non discarded and still in use top-loading washing machines: the silent and shaking killer.