Your drink of choice says a lot about your politics

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Available on the SG Merch page any day now.

The drink in your hand says a lot about you, provided it’s not beer. According to a new study, the type of liquor or wine you drink may not only tell about your political leanings, but how likely you are to vote.

National Media Planning and Placement released a chart of based on consumer data that connects how likely a drinker of a certain brand of wine or liquor is to vote, and how likely that drinker is to vote Democratic or Republican. Who’s ready for some fun observations about this fun, but mostly useless data?

  • Captain Morgan (spiced) is the drink of the moderate but unenthused, while Barardi drinkers are just as moderate, but more likely to stagger over to the polls.
  • People who are likely to vote seem to agree that wine is for them, but only freedom-hating left-wingers drink Smoking Loon, while conservatives sip Robert Mondavi as they reload their guns.
  • Conservative voters like whiskey, bourbon and scotch, while liberals like vodka and gin.
  • If you drink tequila, whether Democrat or Republican, your inability to stand makes it unlikely that you’re going to vote.