Won’t someone think of the macaroni?

The Super Bowl draws near, and as someone who has had a Super Bowl party at his place every year for the past 5 years, it is an event that requires food. Greasy, horrible for you, delicious food. Subs, meatballs, sausage dip, wings, but most importantly: cheese. Yes, it lubricates that body while stopping it up at the same time.

Well, we don’t mean to create a panic, but Kraft says it’s having trouble keeping up with demand.

Now, specifically, it’s Kraft’s Velveeta, the cheese found outside of the refrigerated section of your grocery store. While the concept of block, dry cheese is rather icky, Velveeta proves essential to dips and crock pots. The cheesepocalypse, as the fear-mongering right-wing dairy media has come to call it, is most probably a fad that will easily be corrected in a month.

When that’s corrected, be prepared for the dairy cow drought of 2014.