Now we know why the Chiquita banana girl never stops dancing

Inner city Berliners prefer to freebase their banana cocaine.
Inner city Berliners prefer to freebase their banana cocaine.

If  you’re a Berliner and wondering when your grocer would start stoking coke in the produce aisle … you’re gonna have to wait for another shipment.

Drug smugglers accidentally delivered over 300 pounds of cocaine to five Berlin supermarkets. They were hidden in boxes with bananas, so that means that somewhere some very bad men are very disappointed with crates of just bananas. (However, eating some of that loot may just calm them down with serotonin before they go all Scarface on their underlings.)

But, this is good news for those of us who can’t get enough bananas in our mouths. It might just be a simple drug addiction from shipping contamination and not anything Freudian.

Bonus Quote:

Berlin police described the shipping mistake as a ‘logistical error.’

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