MasterChugs Theater: Oscar 2015 Recap

Okay, let me start off first by apologizing: I never wrote a pre-Oscars piece for 2015. No predictions were made by me. In my defense:

  1. I was part of the people that kept getting snow dumped on me every week for two weeks (and it’s still happening).
  2. Being able to get giant amounts of sleep because you’re exhausted from shoveling snow and you’ve actually got a day off is a unique and wonderful experience.
  3. I forgot the actual date.

People, all I’ve got to offer is lo siento. That said, I did watch the Oscars. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

First things first: the Oscars got a lot of it right. Giving Birdman the Best Picture award, Alejandro González Iñárritu the Best Director and J.K. Simmons the Best Supporting Actor were smart, smart, smart decisions. Like, MENSA-level smart. The Grand Budapest Hotel winning Costume Design and Whiplash winning Sound Mixing were also great, if obvious, moves as well.

But there are two giant mistakes the Academy made, and these errors didn’t even happen on Sunday night.

  1. Not nominating The Lego Movie for Best Animated Feature Film was a giant mistake. It’s become well-known that the Academy is pretentious enough to absolutely hate nearly all movies that make a lot of money. If it makes a lot of money at the box office, it can’t be good, right? Thanks again, Michael Bay. Nonetheless, The Lego Movie was that lone exception to that train of thought: a movie that took in tons of money at the box office, but was also touching, thoughtful, critically-loved and just far too much fun. For shame.
  2. I don’t think we’ve seen a cast of Oscar nominees this white since the thirties. Seriously, the nominees list was so white, you could diabetes from watching the awards show faster than if you spent a month eating nothing but the baking menu of Panera Bread. Among the four actor/actress categories, was it seriously that hard to nominate someone who’s melanin count was less than zero? In a year-long period since the last Oscars show, there have been more than enough moments to show that whitey gets what he wants. Maybe next time, let’s take the entire year period into consideration, okay?

So, there you have it. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, you got some stuff right, but you’ve also got some stuff to work on. Take it to heart. I know I’m not the only person saying this stuff, and if enough people are saying it, it may not necessarily be the truth, but it should definitely be under consideration.

Odds & Ends

  • I know that I’m incredibly, hilariously so late to the party, but if you have Netflix (specifically the streaming portion), Danger 5 is something you MUST be watching. It’s possibly the most insane spy-dub-dub-two-television show ever made and I LOVE IT. I don’t know what the creators were on when they made the show but I want some of it.
  • If you like open-world games and have a PS3 or an Xbox 360, immediately buy Just Cause 2. Sure, you can eventually unlock a helicopter or a Cesna-style plane in the Grand Theft Auto series, but in Just Cause 2, unlocking a chain-gun and rocket launcher helicopter (or a fighter jet! Or a jumbo jet!) permanently is easier than you’d expect. It’s a cheap game that’s too much fun.
  • How great is falafel? Seriously, can a brother get some falafel love in here? For that matter, how about just getting some more falafel in my stomach?
  • The past two years have been a wonderful time to be a University of Virginia sports fan. Not so much for the football program (almost never for the football program), but definitely for the men’s basketball program. It’s a golden time. Go Hoos!
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