Eat My Sports: Movember Rain

Yeah, I thought about doing a scary, sports themed column this week, but lets face it, if you’re watching the Mets and the Royals in the World Series this year, Fox has already scared you enough.

For those of you that know any of The Guys, you know we are fans of the ‘stache. Rick Snee was the first one to get on board with actually raising money for Movember, with Bryan McBournie being a multi-year donator and this being my second venture into growing a full blown mustache.

What does this have to do with sports? Growing a mustache has a lot of the same qualities it takes to be successful in sports: patience, asking your friends and family to be team players and the willingness to look like a complete jackass for an entire month. All in the name of cancer (take that, NFL!).

Your mustache is your jersey that you have to wear with pride, even though it may be horrendous. Think about it, the Browns still have to wear those ugly uniforms they unveiled this year, and wear it with pride. Wearing your mustache and having supreme confidence in how awful it is, I have found is one of the key components to making it work.

So, if you know a MoBro this year, please donate, and then you can make fun of how awesomely bad they look.