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Science: Blame your car accident on the cat

DO NOT EAT. May contain parasites.
DO NOT EAT. May contain parasites.

Cats–many people call them pets, your girlfriend spends most of her time looking at pictures of them online. But are they evil? The answers is yes, of course, but not for the reasons dog people are thinking.

According to researchers, cats can infect you with a parasite that can actually mess with your brain. Toxoplasma gondii can be found in cat feces, as well as their paws, and has been documented to cause increased levels of aggression in humans. If you’re infected with it, you can even have a slower reaction time. If this rings a bell, these bastards have already been linked to mental illness.

That means that if you have T. gondii, you can blame your car accident and your road rage on your cat. Still think they’re cute?

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