Eat My Sports: Football Is Back And I have No Idea Who To Pick To Win The Super Bowl

We are now officially two evenings away from the NFL season kicking off and all I have to say is thank God. Sundays have been an abominable bore since February and now I finally have something on TV I care about watching Monday, Thursday and Friday. Life is good.

Now, the only problem with having a sports column is that I feel obligated to make a pick, like everyone else as to who will win the Super Bowl. Only problem with that is this year I can narrow it down to a handful of teams who are contenders  but I can’t seem to pull the trigger, as everyone is flawed.

This is the best I’ve felt about the Steelers since their run at two Super Bowls and three appearances from 2006-2011, but with the suspensions of Martavis Bryant and LeVeon Bell coupled with a porous defense makes it hard to feel that a deep playoff run is a guarantee.

Carolina is destined to fall back, Green Bay can score but can’t stop anyone from scoring, Arizona has had some epic playoff collapses and New England is playing a quarter of the season without Tom Brady and have no wide receiver depth.

Denver is starting their defense with a trio of quarterbacks, the most famous of whom is best known for “butt fumble.”

So, I throw my hands up in the air. Your Super Bowl 51 champs? The Cleveland Browns.