Eat My Sports: Super LI

On Sunday the 2016 NFL season will come to a close with the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots squaring off in Houston for the right to be the most hated team in the NFL for at least the next year. I’m hoping for a decent game (any way the Pats lose is a decent game in my book) and aside from Denver’s two Super Bowl appearances in the past few years, recent history has promised us a close one.

Now, I’m not here to talk about predictions or how many times I hope Tom Brady gets slammed to the turf, you see, I’m a betting man. So naturally, the most interesting thing about each Super Bowl is the prop bets. Let’s see how many times we’ll hear “Omaha” this year.

10/1 Odds of Joe Buck being clean shaven for the broadcast
What? You thought I was going to break down if Julio Jones would be the first to score? Joe Buck is the single most annoying broadcaster of all time. That has nothing to do with this, I just figured it needed to be said. Buck traditionally rocks a beard throughout the playoffs, because, well, he can. That being said, I would take the 10/1, seems like easy odds.

25/1 Odds someone catches on fire during the halftime show
I would’ve taken this if it was if someone caught on fire during the game. I can see this happening if the Patriots win and Roger Goodell spontaneously combusts.

Over/Under Peyton Manning commercials 1
You would have to be a fool to take the under on this. There will be at least one Papa John’s ad as well as Nationwide. And one of these days Peyton is going to figure out a way to ensure your pizza. When that day comes, and only on that day should you take the under on this bet.

13/2 Odds Lady Gaga sings “Born This Way”
I feel like this is the lock of the year, and want someone to go out to Vegas and put my mortgage on this. It seems way too easy, given the climate of the country, and Lady’s political views. All this adds up to she probably won’t, but you’d feel dumb not to take easy money.

The great thing is there will be even more ridiculous ones as we get closer to the game, you can bet on it.