Eat My Sports: Love, the Melo drama

The world of sports can be the greatest of givers and the cruelest of takers. In the Fall we have the ending of the baseball season that bleeds in perfectly with the beginning of football, and at the beginning of the summer we have the meat of the baseball season packed in with the end of the NBA playoffs. These are fantastic times that have me glued to my television and doing my part to keep Boston Brewing Company in business. But then, inevitably, there is the summer abyss and the world that is sport right after the Super Bowl.

Welcome to sports purgatory.

Ok, if you’re not Catholic, the sports waiting room.

This is where we spend roughly a month and a have trying to figure out what the hell to pay attention to before the NCAA Tournament, The Masters and the start of the MLB season. Recently, I’ve found a way to pass the time. The NBA.

No, not actually watching meaningless February games, but the sideshow of all the high school level bickering that goes on amongst front offices and players. Do Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook like each other? Is LeBron James mad at the Cavaliers? Will Charles Oakley do what every Knick fan dreams of doing and deck James Dolan? This sideshow is entertaining, and I suggest you watch.

Recently, my favorite sideshow has been Phil Jackson trying to bully Carmelo Anthony out of New York. Sure, I was excited as anyone when he was acquired back in 2011, but I learned quickly that you are not winning anything with Carmelo ball stopping for 12 seconds out of every possession. Jackson knew this coming in, yet still signed Anthony to a max contract two and a half years ago AND included a no trade clause. Jackson, now immediately regretting this decision is trying to find a trade partner that would accept Anthony’s god awful contract and simultaneously have the no trade clause waived.

Enter the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fresh off laughing in Jackson’s face about a Anthony for Kevin Love deal a few weeks back, the Cavs find themselves in new territory. With Love suffering a knee injury that has him out for six weeks, they now find themselves in a situation where a straight up Love for Anthony trade fuels the title machine, and strokes Jackson’s zen like ego.

All of this has created a circus around the circus that already is the New York Knicks, and at least for another week can keep you from focusing on the fact that NASCAR might be better than anything else.