Eat My Sports: Where The Hell Did The Past 10 Years Go?

The great thing about this epic sports lull that we are in is it is a great time for sports news. Who got injured (take that, bandwagon Warriors’ fans)? Who is signing wear (give the Pats bulletin board material, here’s an additional $68 million!)? And most importantly, who is getting released from your favorite NFL team?

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Adrian Peterson had burst on to the NFL scene as a fantasy football god, basically destroying every defense beginning his rookie year. That rookie year was 2007, the Red Sox won the World Series that year, Jimmy Eat World was still getting played on the radio, in my head, it wasn’t that long ago. I’ve officially reached the age where 10-years doesn’t seem like that long a period of time.

During that not so long period of time, Peterson amassed almost 12,000 yards and almost 100 touchdowns, all while having tw0 and one quarter seasons  taken away by injury or suspension. When you think about it, if Peterson could’ve just stayed healthy, or, you know, not beaten his kid, he would be a realistic threat to Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record.

All of this is legendary NFL stuff, the kind of guy that you tell your kids about one day saying you can’t believe you got to watch him play. And now, after all of that, Peterson’s club option for 2017 was declined by the Minnesota Vikings, making easily one of the top 10 running backs we may ever see, a 31-year-old free agent. And history isn’t kind to running backs on the other side of 30. The decline is rapid and real. And with two of Peterson’s past three seasons having gone the way of suspension or injury, I don’t think we’re going to see Peterson break that trend.

I’m starting to feel like the old guy on a park bench yelling out “back in my day!” but when all-timers are getting cut, and it seems like they just got started, you have to start asking yourself where in the hell did the past 10 years go?