Eat My Sports: Vegas, Baby!

Yesterday the NFL owners voted 31-1 (way to be a buzz kill, Miami) to approve the Oakland Raiders’ move to Las Vegas beginning in the 2019 season. And the move already is as awesome as it sounds. Not only will fans be able to legally bet on a NFL game they are attending, but there are ideas floating around like having a Raiders-themed brothel in Vegas.

NFL, you deserved this.

For a league that claims that it is all about player safety, protecting the shield and all that uppity garbage, you have to admit that the NFL is nothing but a greed factory looking for their next cash cow. So, why not move one of your most storied franchises to the city that is the living embodiment of what you are? Except, the NFL isn’t as fun as Vegas, one day I hope to have an actual experience there that backs that up.

While the departure leaves Oakland kind of ticked off, let’s remember that since the team re-relocated back to Oakland from Los Angeles, the team was widely regarded as one of the worst in the league, well, until last year, with their resurgence makes the move and the timing of it all that more ironic and funny.

Regardless of how the move goes and how the team does when they get there, it will be interesting to see if Vegas becomes the best or worst home field advantage in the league. Either way, they’re so money, they don’t even know it.