Eat My Sports: So, About That Aaron Hernandez …

We’re almost a week to the day of when I woke up to text messages from my friends starting at 6:30AM “dude, Aaron Hernandez committed suicide.” I have no earthly idea why, because quite frankly, it’s literally morbid curiosity that ever since I learned of the murder of Odin Lloyd almost four years ago, I have been absolutely fascinated with the story of Hernandez.

I think the thing I can most liken it to in our lifetime is the O.J. Simpson story. It got national headlines, has still to this day ever evolving storylines that you can’t believe and overall leaves you with the overwhelming feeling to keep asking “why?”

For the life of me, I will never understand when star athletes are given the ability to make generational money for their families, live a life that the rest of us “normies” can only dream of, and still find the need to throw it away over something stupid, or in the case of Hernandez, the feeling to live up to a lifestyle he never really lived growing up, at least, according to some accounts.

In the case of Hernandez, we were finally opened back up to national intrigue, and really re-visiting everything since his murder conviction two years ago, when he was acquitted on the double murder charge. This was going to lead to an appeal of his 2015 conviction, and, could’ve lead to Hernandez being a free man. But all of that will never happen now that Hernandez was laid to rest earlier this week.

For me, some stories will never lose that fascination, and I guess they never will, because I think the overall feeling from all of us is we can’t ever understand how it got to that end in the first place.