Eat My Sports: NBA Playoffs hot takes

We’re a couple of games away from the NBA Finals, which means we’ve been in the midst what is normally one of my favorite stretches of sports throughout the year, baseball is starting to get into swing and the NBA playoffs are normally must see TV. There’s just one problem, the league got too top heavy with Cleveland and Golden State, and the playoffs have just been awful. So, with that being said, here is what this god awful brand of basketball has taught us.

The disparity between Cleveland and Golden State and everyone else is disparaging
We have learned over the past seven years that as long as your team has LeBron James, you’re going to the Finals, and Golden State has just stacked up the most loaded team ever. What this leads to is the Cavs and Warriors getting bored in the regular season, then when it counts, they flex their muscle and absolutely floor every other team. The NBA is the only pro league where the best team always ends up winning. In a seven game series, you can’t just get hot enough to beat the better team.

Boston is the worst number one seed I have ever seen
Granted, Boston got game three and is currently up by 10 in game four, but when Cleveland has flexed their muscle, it just shows you that over the course of an 82 game season, the Cavs just get bored and aren’t really showing up until the Finals. Boston has to survive another two years of James’ prime before they can legitimately hope to get out of the East, but unfortunately, their core group of All-Stars will be exiting their prime at that point as well.

The Warriors are approaching my most hated teams of all-time list
The 2007 Pats, 1996-2004 Yankees, 1991-1998 Chicago Bulls are the front runners on this list, and I don’t even have a reason to hate Golden State. Sometime last year, after the first title in the midst of the 73-win team, they went from cute story to arrogant bullies. Then they added backstabber of the year 2016 Kevin Durant to the list, and it is just impossible to pull for.

Charles Barkley had the call of the playoffs
“Thank God for the NHL Playoffs.”